Vamo V5 Variable Voltage/Wattage/Battery Mod Starter Kit

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Here we have the latest VAMO V5 with OLED displays! Vamo 5 Starter Kit is a Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage (VV/VW) Electronic Cigarette APV MOD. VAMO 5 is a 5th generation device comprised of the best parts of latest and previous generation VAMOs.

Very cool in its own right with its modular design. Can be used a mini with a single 18350 or a full size mod with either (2)18350's or a single 18650! Very cool indeed!

The V5 is all the same as the V4 but adds the removable top cap of the V3 which is slightly slanted/beveled with pips. The V5 come in Black Chrome and Stainless.

Manufacturers Specs and Instructions:


The VAMO V5 is defaulted to RMS butsupports both AVG or RMS as follows:

Press and hold down the top left or " -" button for at least 10sec, the OLED screen will display its current state either Mean or RMS Output. Press and hold it again to toggle it to the other state. It is highly recommended to set it to and leave it set to RMS Output.

Max Amps: 5A,
Working voltage: 3~6.0V,
Watts: 3~15W.
Thread: 510/eGo
LCD displays working resistance and battery voltage
Variable Voltage & Wattage:
-3.0, 3.1...6.0V
-3.0, 3.5, 4.0...15W

1. Press the large button 5 times to turn the unit on
2. Press and hold down the "-"button more than 3 sec to display the Battery voltage
3. Press and hold down the + button more than 3sec,to display the resistance
4. The +/- buttons will change the voltage in 0.1v increments or the Power in 0.5w increments depending on the output setting.
5. Press and hold down the + and - buttons at the same time to enter the Menu. Once in the menu the top right or + button will advance thru the menu and the top left or - button will change that menu setting. There are only 3 function settings in the Menu.

Menu functions:
Menu 1: Hold down both +/- buttons and it enters at Menu 1 and says Power/Voltage. Use the left button to set to either Voltage or Power output. Power output is beneficial in that regardless of your atomizer resistance, the unit will hold constant Power setting for the same vape. You forget about voltage as the unit adjusts that behind the scenes to hold the Power constant.

Menu 2: Once in the Menu by holding +/- buttons advance to menu 2 by pressing the top right or + button. Menu 2 will say LCD Display and then pressing the top left or - button will allow you to switch what is shown on the screen while vaping. You can choose Power(voltage if set from menu 1), Resistance, or Battery. If set to power it will show your setting in Watts (or Voltage if output set to voltage) during vaping. Resistance will show the Atomizer resistance, Battery just shows the current charge of your battery.

Menu 3: Once in menu from holding +/- press top right or + until you get to Menu 3 and it will say LCD On/Off. This menu function just allows you to turn the OLED on or off during vaping

Low Voltage/Short Circuit Protection - display shows "LO-V":
1: Either the batteries need to be charged
2: Vamo short circuit protection kicked in and the head resistance is too low

This kit comes complete with 2 x 18350 900mAh batteries, a charger, 2 CE4 Clearomizers, and a Giftbox with a manual.