Square E-Hose Mini e-Hookah

  • $59.99
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Sporting the same fashionable design and reliability of it’s predecessor, The E-Hose Mini stands about half as tall as the regular E-Hose. Now you can vape the same E-Hose cartridges in a smaller more portable E-Hose Mini.
DesignSquare’s patented design uses a larger than ordinary flavor cartridge to ensure a good flavorful puff. More vaper. More flavor. More fun.The build quality of the Square E-Hose Mini is as dependable as customers have come to expect from Square products. Unmatched and can not be compared to anything else on the market. All the components are built with durability in mind without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.What’s In The Box
The Square E-Hose Mini comes in the box ready to use.

Box includes

The E-Hose Mini unit.
USB charger
Wall charger unit
Two complimentary flavor cartridges.
Flavor CartridgesThe Square E-Hose Mini is only compatible with the E-Hose flavor Cartridges which include Square Smokes’ flavors, made famous by thier line of e-liquids, Square Drops. Most of the Square line of flavors are available for the E-Hose and they are all in varying degrees of nicotine, including zero!