Sigelei-30W Variable Watt Mod

  • $146.96
  • Save $66

The new Sigelei 30W, using the new YiHi SX300 Chip, is capable of going up to 30 watts. It can handle down to 0.5 ohms. The voltage range is 4.0v-8.5v. Sleek and small, the body is just like the Sigelei 20W except it has a stainless steel head. It has the same gravity sensor to switch wattage and menu settings.


• Sigelei 30W MOD is made of high quality stainless steel
• 0.5 Ohms
• 30W output
• Increased screen size

Sigelei Legend 30W MOD Specifications:

1. Super power mod - the wattage can be adjusted from 7 to 30w.
2. Increased screen size, more comfortable to read the on-screen data.
3. Popular design with venting holes for air flow.
4. Adjustable voltage (3-8.5v) and wattage (7-30w)
5. Displays the atomizer’s resistance, voltage/wattage, and battery power all in one screenshot.

Sigelei Legend 30W MOD Advantages:

1. Improved heat dissipation (decrease 30% than usual)
2. Large LED screen
3. Increased life of bottom
4. Ability to view mod settings in one snapshot

Sigelei Legend 30W MOD instructions:

1. Press the button five times to turn on and off the system.
2. Press the button to enter the system.
3. Press the button again to choose the menu of voltage, wattage, display the screen, and mobile charge.
4. To increase the voltage or wattage, rotate the body to the right.
5. To decrease the voltage/wattage, rotate the body to the left.
6. When entering the menu option of show/mobile, rotate the body to the right to turn on and left to turn off the screen display/mobile charge.