• $100.00

Instant vapor with the purest, healthiest, thickest, and tastiest vapor possible. The only true vaporizer that works with dry herb, essential oil / wax and other solids all on the go with no exposed heating coil.

Pure Flavor

True conduction vaporizing delivers the full range of desirable flavors and active ingredients for an experience that tastes, smells, and feels superb.

The heating chamber is covered with PI electrothermal film, so the heating is more even and the tobacco/dry herb flavor is more pure compared with normal combustion type herbal vaporizer.

3 Adjustable temperature settings for individual taste

Press and hold power button for 5 seconds to cycle through the temperature settings (Blue 374F, Green 410F, Red 446F)

Durable Fast Precise Temperature Control 

The high-powered lithium-ion battery delivers up to 40 instant inhalations and charges in a fast 60 minutes.

Micro USB Charging Interface

Wherever you go, charge the VapeDynamics Laguna easily through a laptop, iPad or any power supplies with USB connectors.

Product Specification

The VapeDynamics Laguna V2.0 pen vaporizer is the latest and greatest vaporizer that is designed to vaporize essential oil in conjunction with herbs. It uses a single 18650 2600mAh battery that provides all day vaping between charges. The unit incorporates a mini USB charging port to allow effortless charging and allow you to use the vaporizer at any given moment. 

What is included:

1 x VapeDynamics Laguna V2.0 Vaporizer
1 x Extra V2.0 mouth piece
1 x Micro USB Charger
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Cleaning Tool 
1 x Dab Tool
1 x VapeDynamics Laguna User Manual



Before using the VapeDynamics Laguna Vaporizer Pen, be sure to read the instruction manual carefully and that the battery is completely charged. 
Once charged simply load the heating chamber with your finely ground material and you are ready to vaporize herbs like a pro! Press the power button 3 times quickly to activate the heating element. 
The VapeDynamics Laguna V2.0 heats up within just 35 seconds. Press and hold power button for 3 seconds to cycle through the temperature settings. (Blue 374F, Green 410F, Red 446F).