eGo Battery 1100mah

  • $14.99

eGo LCD Battery 1100 mah

Replacement for your Joye eGo, eGo-T, or eGo-C electronic cigarette.

The batteries come with the NEW 5 click on and off feature. When receiving an eGo or eGo-T battery for the first time you may notice it won't activate when you first push it. Simply click the button 5 times fairly fast and you will notice the LED blinking. Now you can continue to use the battery. When you're finished using your eGo Battery, simply click it 5 more times until it blinks at you. This will put it in the 'off' position and will not activate again until you click it another 5 times.

These work great with CE4's CE5's or Dual Coil Cartomizers!