Katady ePower 2 VV 2200MAh Mod with Power Bank

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The Katady ePower 2 is a 510/eGo threaded device with a difference. It doesn't look or operate like your conventional E-cigs, with it's sleek design and useful feature set. One of these useful features is the ability to use the E-Power 2 as a PPB (Portable Power Bank) enabling you to charge various devices like an iphone or an ego battery. It also comes with variable voltage adjustable from 3-5v (indicated by 6 colour LED display) and has a 2200mah battery as standard, which is more than enough battery to keep even the heaviest vapers going all day. On top of all these features the E-Power 2 can also be used as a passthrough whilst charging, meaning you never have to go without. This device is a great alternative to a standard eGo battery with a protective cover for the 510/eGo threading, meaning that connection damages are a thing of the past. This device is recommended to be used with atomizers over 1.8ohms for best performance.


- 5 Click on feature
- Short circuit protection
- 510/eGo Threaded
- Rechargeable 2200mah battery
- Passthrough wile charging
- Low battery voltage protection
- Overcharge protection
- Variable voltage (indicated by 6 colour LED display)

  • Light blue - 3.0v
  • Orange - 3.3v
  • Green - 3.7v
  • Purple - 4.2v
  • Dark blue - 4.6v
  • Red - 5.0v

- Charging status indication (Red when Charging Blue when full)
- Portable Power Bank (PPB) the E-Powers 2200mah battery can be used to charge many other devices including iPhone, Tablets and even eGo batteries


  • Black or White E-Power 2
  • USB to multi-connector charging cable
  • Instructions manual
  • Carry pouch
  • Presented in a neat gift box

Please note: To power on the device it is a 5 click on system, but to turn the device off you click 3 times to enter variable voltage mode, and then hold down the button for a further 2 seconds